Western Regional Command
Founder(s) TBA
Leader(s) TBA
Headquarters TBA
Locations TBA
Historical Information
Founding TBA, 1939
Empire of Daresia

House Chauffard
House Kazusa

The Western Regional Command is one of the five military regional commands under the Ministry of Defence, formed in 1939 prior to the invasion of Daresia. It has administrative authority of all military affairs within the Bennezusa Peninsula, Alliot, ______, ______ and ______.

The regional command conducts and oversees operations of the Bennezusan and Alliot Provincial Fleets, the Imperial Guard belonging to Imperial Houses Kazusa and Chauffard, units of the Daresian Royal Air Force and the Defence Garrisons of the Western coasts.

However, following the catastrophic opening month of the ______ ______ (Relevant to the Daresian Civil War) and the wake of the Japanese invasion of Daresia, the regional command was under severe threat of collapsing, with the governing body and units associated under the command facing internal strife, following the segregation and exclusion of ethnic individuals of Japanese ancestry within the region.