This page is an article containing the short story which is related to Vitale's Standing Garrison.

The Crimson Shield is a short story about the resistance stationed in and around the Citadel against the UCFEA, and is recounted from multiple perspectives at different time periods - when the UCFEA was encountered near the Citadel, during the defence, and the fall of Citadel Vitale.

Emergence of the UCFEA

Shortly after the graduation of the the 10th Training Wing, alarms are rung all throughout the Citadel, ensuing panic everywhere.
1620 Hours, March 19, 2070
Colonia Vitale, Empire of Daresia
Commander Center, Citadel Vitale

The amount of radio chatter and scarmbling movement within the Citadel significantly increased, upon the landing of the Confederation.

Vitale HQ Operator 3: We've confirmed gunshots in the vicinity of the west coastline of the Citadel.

Announcement: "We are at DEFCON 2. All combat units, stand by. Repeat, we are at DEFCON 2. All combat units, stand by."

Officer: "Graduates! You are now fine soldiers who have managed to graduate! You are no longer cadets, and we look forward to your contribution in this following operation! Former members of the 10th Training Squadron, you are to withdraw to the headquarters immediately!"

Sgt. Daech: "Ladies and gentlemen, although you have successfully completed your training, I believe none of you have any live combat experience yet. This task is going to be your first live operation. Your primary objective is to defend this base at all costs. 

Defending the Citadel

The joint forces of the Lyrehican Platoon, Maulrevier Platoon and Mordii Platoon of the 13th Tactical Armoured Company, and units Asessia and Aechcylous of the 1st Tactical Armoured Guard Company valiantly demonstrates what it truly means to protect and defend, and die trying.

0039 Hours, March 20, 2070
Colonia Vitale, Empire of Daresia
Fourth defensive line of Citadel Vitale

Looking at his radar, Alsfriede notices the crumbling identification designators of the surviving Thunder Squadron, which is quickly being overwhelmed by red dots.

"Lyrehican Platoon, form up on me. We are going to aid the Li-- ..Thunder Squadron."

As the rest of the platoon answered in unified acknowledgement, the platoon proceeded at maximum combat speed towards the suffering squadron.

Guns blazing, the elite 13th Lyrehican Platoon charged in to aid their falling comrades.

"Remnants of the Thunder Squadron, fall back immediately! Maintain pairings and support the other units! We're going to hold them off here!"

Thunder-1: "R-roger that! Daniels, Tanaka, Benette, let's move!" 
Thunder-3/7/8: "Roger!"

Covering the withdrawing squadron, the platoon advances into defensive positions, and continues to return fire.

"Be cautious, these rats are not without skill! The inferior scum before us will continue to enlighten us! Enjoy the entertainment while it lasts!"

Angered by Alsfriede, Valerya withdraws behind cover and yells into the open channel while she reloads.

"Do not ridicule us! Cease your inane act of confidence! Did you not see the remaining Tactical Combat Units of the Thunder Squadron!?"

After a few seconds of radio silence, and endless sounds of raging gunfire, Valerya reloads and starts firing once again. While firing, Alsfriede speaks into the open channel in response to Valyera's yelling, in a genuine, serious voice.

Alsfriede Van Klyrehc: "I apologize, Valerya. There is no harm done in attempting to lighten up the mood in times of doubt."





0120 Hours, March 20, 2070 
Colonia Vitale, Empire of Daresia 
Main Building of Citadel Vitale

The scrambled remnants of the traumatized 10th Training Squadron, drenched with blood and sweat, which had barely repelled continuous engagements, were by then drained, physically and mentally. Damaged corridors, barely lit by emergency lights, were strewn with countless bodies, constantly reminding survivors of the 10th Training Wing that they were fighting a losing battle. The highest ranking cadet among the remnants, Bernadette Chantal Lauder, acknowledged the fact that the lives of her surviving comrades were dependent on her. 

"We're near."

As the night went on, combat too, endlessly raged on around the Citadel. With little visibility, and the dread of nearby UCFEA soldiers, Bernadette was forced with the burden to make a decision-- to search for other surviving personnel, or to stay and defend themselves.

"Okay, we're here- resupply."

Upon repleneshing their equipment with the scarce remains of a weapons room, Bernadette made the decision to hold and defend. With all her subordinates having little to no combat experience, she knew that they wouldn't last long, and that there was nowhere to retreat to. 





Fall of Citadel Vitale

In an attempt to maintain the continuity of retreat, units Asessia and Aechcylous of the 1st Tactical Armoured Guard Company break off from the escort to battle side by side to delay imminent defeat.

1620 Hours, March 20, 2070
Colonia Vitale, Empire of Daresia
Surrounding Vicinity, Citadel Vitale

Sheath Dispatch: "Sheath to all units, we are proceeding to phase 2. Defend the Citadel until the evacuation is complete."

Everyone within the vicinity that still had their communications connected to the Citadel's private channel stood, motionless.

"The Citadel.. evacuated?" 
"Y-you must be kidding.." 
"No.. no. No!"





"This is General Charles W. Wallace of Citadel Vitale, to all units. Make clear of the vicinity as soon as possible and retreat towards Citadel Avaria. We are abandoning the Citadel. I repeat, we are abandoning the citadel."

Upon hearing the announcement, large majorities of Vitale's personnel were struck with disbelief. Then, in response to the General's order of retreat, the surviving personnel of the Citadel started to withdraw, eventually making their way to the closest and safest military fortificaiton, Citadel Avaria.

Upon leaving the combat zone, silence is ensued due to the discomfort of failure and defeat. Bothered by dishonour and regret, Adalbrecht makes the sudden decision to break off from the escort, to return back to the combat zone around the Citadel.

Adalbrecht: "See to the shuttle's defence!"

Ikaru: What are you- Adalbrecht, sir! 

Charles: "Asessia-2, what are you doing? Turn back."

Adalbrecht remains silent and ejects his spent magazine. 

"Captain Adalbrecht Frußer!" 

As Adalbrecht continues to proceed back to the Citadel, remaining members of units Asessia and Aechcylous decide in unity to turn back, in order to aid Adalbrecht in assuring the safeguard of the retreat. 

"Do not return to the combat zone, we have already lost the citadel!" 


Adalbrecht continues to be unresponsive, and loads in his last magazine. 

"Adalbrecht, withdraw-"

Adalbrecht: "I apologize, General Wallace, but.." 

Adalbrecht raises his head and inhales. 

"I cannot comply with that order." 

Cutting off his receivers, he then makes a final check on the operational statistics of his TCU. 
After a few seconds of silence, Adalbrecht makes his final announcement on the open channel, in an effort to boost the degrading morale. 

"Ladies and gentlemen. Although we have been ordered to retreat and escort the withdrawing shuttles, this is where we make our final stand, to ensure the safeguard of retreat.
For the people of Daresia, we the Imperial Royal Guard, are the shield of the empire. The pursuing insugrents will catch up to the shuttles at this rate, and we cannot take the chance to stay on the defensive. We will take the opportunity to strike them, as it is our duty to prioritize the security and protection of your retreat. We must fulfill our duty. May you all remain in good health, and good luck."

With the remaining members of Asessia and Aechcylous, the survivors engage the pursuing insurgents. 

"It is time. All units, arrowhead formation! We must ensure the safeguard of the shuttles. Fight will all your might! Delay the pursuing insurgents! None shall reach the shuttles!" 
Dropping his weapon and unsheathing his sword, Captain Adalbrecht prepared himself for the inevitable.

And thus began the last battle of the 1st Platoon's 1st Tactical Guard Company.