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Presumed point of divergence, 1514, but will not affect too much history. Although, prior to the discovery of continent, we will make concepts regarding conflicting races. (Medieval warfare)

Note:           , 1114: Exploration of the Pacific Sea, discovery of continent "Daresia".



  • December 23, 1597: The Katsudaira Campaign, otherwise known as the Tseisuiren Campaign, begins with the emigrant Japanese clans under the rule of the Takatsukasa Shogunate (?) invading lands under the Tsei-Haewoo dynasty.







  • August 4, 1930: Sayachi Heavy Industries is founded by Sayachi Yamada.




  • December 8, 1941War in the Pacific breaks out between the Allies and the Japanese, the first Invasion of Daresia begins, and the Empire of Daresia is thrown into war. The first contact between the Empire and the Japanese are fought within the borders of Daresia, after the Japanese aggressively crossed the border's defences, which initially puts Daresia on the defensive.
  • Simultaneously, the Empire of Japan launches an attack on the Philippines, Hong Kong and America.
  • The short story Dynamics of Death takes place on the second day of the invasion.
  • Daresia declares a state of emergency, and conscription is enforced. Men and women aged above 18 are drafted, in an act to preserve diverse ethnicity from the Japanese. (At the time, Daresia was very diverse in terms of nationality due to the nation's history between "Caucasians" and "Orientals".)
  • Refugees are drafted into military service as a method to obtain citizenship within Daresia.
  • Pearl Harbour is mostly destroyed, resulting in the delayed mobilization of American activity in the Pacific.
  • December 15, 1941The Daresian Civil War occurs, following the attempted coup d'etat against House Kazusa. TBA

Before confirmation, "refugee" concept is under consideration.

  • December 10-16, 1941: The Battle of Bennezusa occurs, eventually falling into the hands of the Empire of Japan, where it is used as a major frontline base of operations for the Japanese.
  • The Japanese battleship Tōtomi is commissioned, and becomes the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy's 10th Fleet.


  • January 1, 1942: The Declaration by United Nations is signed by 27 countries.
  • January 6, 1942: The Provisional Pacific Entente is signed between Malaya (Malaysia), the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Philippines, the Empire of Daresia and Australia in an act to prevent the expansion of the Japanese Empire.
  • April 19, 1942: The Provisional Pacific Entente's 1st Naval Fleet's "Icarus" Squadron is tasked with intercepting Japanese bombers that are en route to the Philippines, during the Battle for Philippines.
  • May 11 to 13, 1942: The Battle of the Phoenix Islands commences, and a major naval battle in the pacific theatre between the Imperial Japanese Navy's and the Naval forces of the United States is fought. With the development of newer Japanese aircraft, the IJN gains air superiority, which is used to overwhelm the American Navy, resulting in the IJN's victory of the Phoenix Islands.
  • The Japanese battleship Muteki is commissioned, and becomes a part of the Imperial Japanese Navy's 10th Fleet.



1945 (Operation Haze may be changed, depending on Daresia's location.)

  • July 22 to 24, 1945: Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night and Operation Haze begin.
  • Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night - Five submarines, each carrying three aircraft that contain the plague, are launched across the Pacific. On the night of the 24th, South California is bombed with the plague, infecting thousands of people.
  • Operation Haze - Around two hundred long range Asamoya bombers, each containing a heavy payload of bombs are launched from Japan. On the afternoon of the 23rd, San Francisco and neighbouring areas are devastated by the bombs, further resulting in the delayed construction of humanity's first nuclear weapons, Little Boy and Fat Man.
  • As the components of the bombs were destroyed, the atmoic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not occur.
  • August 12-16, 1945: The events in Reminiscence: Dirge of Icarus occur. A counteroffensive operation dubbed Operation: Overlord commences, which aimed to recapture the Southwestern garrisons including Citadel Benett. Under the general leadership of House Chauffard, the Daresian Royal Air Force, Imperial Guard and units under the Pacific Entente's 1st Naval Fleet launch an assault on the Japanese.
  • Although there were remarkable achievements that the joint forces managed to accomplish, attempts in bombing supply bases and garrisons fail, notably resulting in the complete annhilation of both the Daresian 23rd Bombardment Squadron and the 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron by the Empire of Japan's 4th Naval Air Group. Despite their efforts and sacrifices, the Japanese held their ground on Daresian soil; ultimately allowing the Japanese forces to maintain their foothold in Daresia for another three years.



  • 1947, March 7–9 : The Battle of Tanegashima is fought, eventually resulting in a Decisive American Victory over the Japanese forces. The event was marked as a major defeat for the Imperial Japanese Navy, as they had lost Battleship Tōtōmi.
  • 1947, June 15–17: A three way battle between the NKU, IJA, and the USA is fought in Shintomi, where the United States was able to secure victory at the cost of their supplies being destroyed by the Japanese Revolutionary Movement.
  • 1947, June 27–July 2: The first Battle of Hitoyoshi is fought between the United States Marines and the Imperial Japanese Army. The IJA manage to drive the US marines back.
  • 1947, July 4: Yatsushiro Incident.
  • 1947, July 9–July 14: The second Battle of Hitoyoshi is fought between the United States Marines and the Imperial Japanese Army. This time, the US marines were able to defeat the Imperial Japanese army and push inland.
  • 1947, August 5 - September 23 : Battle of Hiroshima [★/●]
  • 1947, August 15 - December 23: Invasion of Hokkaido [☭/●]
  • 1947, September 21 - December 27: Battle of Osaka [★/●]
  • 1947, October 1 - November 30: Battle of Okayama [★/●]
  • 1947, December 12 - 1948, February 10: Battle of Nagoya [★/●]
  • 1947, June 29–August 15: The Battle of Berlin is fought, the Red Army pushes into Berlin and captures it, thus ending the Third Reich's reign.
  • 1947, June 30–August 26: Battle of Bavaria, Axis and Allied forces fought in the Regions of Bavaria. Most German forces surrendered days later after the fall of Berlin thus ending the war on Europe.
  • 1947, September 18 – October 5: Uprising of Kanagawa [●]
  • 1947, December 28 – 1948, January 3 : Battle of Kanagawa [●]


  • 1948, January 28 - March 5: Battle of Hirosaki [☭/●]
  • 1948, March 10 - May 8: Battle of Tokyo [★/●]
  • 1948, March 28 - May 1: Battle of Iwaki [☭/●]
  • September 7, 1948: World War II concludes. ---
  • The United Nations is formed at the end of the war. It was originally composed of 52 countries, in order to govern the "global association of governments facilitating co-operation in international law, international security, economic development, and social equity." By the beginning of the 21st century, most nations are members of the United Nations.









  • American forces are withdrawn from the entirety of the middle east, under the Presidency of Mackenzie Paris. This would later result in greater threats being posed against all Western nations.



  • The insurgent group known as Skars declared war against Daresia.
  • The collapse of the United States and a period branded the Anarchy of America begins, as terrorism spreads further into the Western world. President Machenzie Paris is blamed for the consequences of her decisons, resulting in riots throughout the nation, followed by the collapse of the American government.






















  • May 23, 2177: EPCON-H was formed by the United Nations.
  • June 16, 2166: Radon Interstellar is established.
  • March 2174: First alien artefact is found by Radon miners,
  • January 2, 2190: First interstellar ship to depart to Alpha Centauri.


  • October 5, 2281: Alien civilization found.
  • December 18, 2289: Construction of New Eden began.


  • April 24, 2302: Radon becomes a universal superpower.
  • February 3, 2312: Construction of Aether finalized.