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Project: Avalon is an information center that was created by Darrensier, Gevanson, Neolyx and DeltaOp1, on the 9th of January, 2015. The Wiki contains various lore on the Avalon universe - a fictional universe created by a group of authors who collaborate in creating this fictional world.

What is Project: Avalon?

Project: Avalon is a somewhat unrealistic speculation of the existence of another continent, under the name of Daresia. Including the addition of another continent, the Project speculates a few alternatives regarding the episodes of world history, leading into the creation of the future. Thus, as a result of a collection of historical "what ifs", many events have changed and significantly effects history.

Simply put, the Project is the speculation of historical "what ifs".


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> Kaztarel Darrensier - Overseer

Main site:

The founder of Avalon, Darrensier's primary involvement in the project is in the faction Daresia, however he aids in the development of Gevanson's Black Fox Regiment and the common timeline/universe where all of the authors' factions reside.

> Gevanson Peaker - Director of Dominion and Reminiscence

Main site:

Gevanson's Black Fox Regiment (BFR) project, which consists of his own personal projects, have been partially added into Avalon.  This includes major contributions into components Dominion and Reminiscence.

> DeltaOp1 - Director of Dev Stage 2

Main site:

Often nicknamed Nub by his online peers, is an author who has contributed on many random pages. His two main pages are the Daresian Special Operations Table page and the Onix Team page.

> Neolyx - Director of Lost Horizon

Main site:

Neolyx's Radon project has been partially implemented into Avalon, serving as a neutral development group within the universe. This project is added further along the timeline than other author's, possibly dictating the future of Avalon. Several other key factions/races have also been developed in conjunction with Radon, and will be implemented once Avalon's timeline progresses further. Many of the other faction's future technology will be supplied or affected by Radon. Neolyx plans to create the future of Avalon's universe, starting from the 22nd century, having already devised several galaxy-wide events that will affect every faction within it.

Notable Contributors

> SirBumperJumperOfAvalon / Bumper Jumper - Contributor

SirBumperJumperOfAvalon, simply nicknamed Cris, aids Darrensier in history and concepts.

> Gerwulf Schmidt - Contributor

Gerwulf Schmidt, simply nicknamed Mot, is an author who works mostly on EPCON-H, and related groups.

> WaterMelon Trooper - Contributor

Main site: (Do not edit or add anything to that project)

WMT, who also answers to Aki, is a wiki-addict who loves nothing more than perfect structure, form and categorisation. She is primarily a Nationstates player, where she has once posted a 27,000 word RP post.

Development Stages

The universal timeline of Avalon will be divided into four stages corresponding to a century (may vary), which reflects the major events at the time, economy, political status, and technology. Each stage will have a director that ensures the content forwarded by an author to a particular stage is consistent with its world status, and will discuss among themselves to see that each stage shifts seamlessly to the next. The first stage of development will cover the 20th century and will base their work off real history. The second stage concerns the world as it is today - the 21st century. The third stage will use current available predictions and will cooperate with the second stage director to foresee and estimate the status of the world in the 22nd and 23rd century. The fourth stage director will have to continue the third stage into the 24th century onward as this stage and beyond will be purely fictional and thus does not require thorough research. The third and fourth stage can be directed by the same person whereas the first and second can be directed by multiple people at once. It is planned that as we are altering world history, each stage may have its own major event or story, and technology and scientific research progresses constantly with the stages, each stage possessing different technology.

Stage 1

Director: Gevanson

The first stage of development focuses in altering (or merging with) real-life history to house the nation of Daresia. Human civilization have begun to incorporate modern manufacturing methods, bringing forth the industrial revolution. The economy is fairly poor compared to today's and the world wars were waged. Parts of the world were still segregated and some colonized. We have only begun to fly and eventually we left our first footprint on the Moon.

Major Stories (pending review)

Gevanson's Project 4:

Reapers of Japan

The Flame of the seas, Tōtōmi [IJN]

Battle of Howland Island

The Order of the Red Rifles

USAF Squadron "Hawk"

Records of the 31st Panzer Division [Pz]

Battle of Tihkvin

Darrensier's Chronicles of Daresia:

The Legion's 217th

- Strolton Bridge Incident

The Icarus Squadron

- Sons of Daedalus

Stage 2

Director: DeltaOp1

The second stage concerns the world as it is today. The world is now well-connected through satellites and advances in electronics and computing have brought forth the information age. Travel through air is now common and commercial. Although escaping the Earth's atmosphere is no longer a difficult challenge, research on more effective methods of space travel have begun and medical advances are capable of replacing missing limbs with mechanical ones capable of reading brainwaves, although not as versatile as its original biological counterpart. The internet is the primary method of communication and computers, smartphones and gaming consoles are common. We have sent the first human to Mars. The world is more politically stable and economically developed.

Stage 3

Director: Neolyx

The third stage, although fictional, utilizes current predictions. The third stage's political and economic status is fairly identical to the second, however an effort of colonizing Mars and the Moon have begun along with the production of large interplanetary spacecrafts. Several companies around this new market are established, some even interested in the possibility of mining asteroids. Once again we began to gaze upon the stars and are approaching to reach them.