This page is an article containing a short story which is related to Andrius & Ayase (Temporary Duo Link).

The Lost Soul of Ibrahim is a short story written by an unknown author. The book was released on the 7th of March, 2016. The story primarily focuses on Ibrahim, a sole refugee receiving aid from Andrius and Ayase.

The Lost Soul of Ibrahim

December 4, 2015 
District 6, Empire of Daresia

“Ibrahim, go, go! Don’t stop running! Protect your sisters! We’ll see you soon, I promise!”

The final words from Ibrahim’s father still haunt him. It’s been a day since he was separated from his parents and two sisters, while illegally attempting to seek asylum within the Empire of Daresia. Ever since communist "unnamed nation" became a nationwide battlefield between the people and the government, many families fled the country in order to seek more peaceful lives in foreign lands, free from tyranny. Staring blankly into the unknown, leaning against a crumbling concrete wall where many other children have also leaned against, he continues to ponder about the whereabouts and fate of his family.

He remains stagnant and emotionless at the wired fence for quite awhile, before a small group of enthusiastic sounding children ask him to play with them. As he turns around, he notices two boys and two girls, all younger than him, standing in front of adults in white uniforms. He begins to tear up, once again reminiscing about his separated family, as he notices the adult figures behind the innocent children. Concerned, the children approach him and attempt to comfort him, immediately being interrupted by the man and woman in white uniforms. The man kneeled onto his right knee, and calmly said “These kids are here for you, and so are we, Ibrahim. We’ll help you out, okay?” He points at his name tag, and beckons his partner to kneel down. “My name is Andrius, and this is my partner Ayase, we are musicians!” Ayase smiles, and also points at her name tag “We’re volunteering to help you guys out.” Ibrahim looks up at Andrius and Ayase, and attempts to make a crooked smile. “That’s the spirit, Ibrahim. Keep it up!” Andrius says cheerfully, who then pats Ibrahim on the head. “Your family is fine, I promise, come with us.” Immediately, he stands up along with his partner, and places his hand on Ibrahim’s shoulder. “Let’s check out the main building to see if you’re family is there.” Ibrahim makes a big grin, and nods, as he follows the two adults towards the central block of the camp. The little children previously introducing themselves to Ibrahim wave to him, and all smile, before heading off elsewhere to join their other fellow refugees they’ve made friends with.

A few minutes after walking through the camp, they walk into a large white building. He notices a large sign, which reads “Admission HQ”, with numerous directories displaying multiple little arrows. Upon entering the headquarters, he walks through numerous corridors, until the two volunteers stop at the end of a corridor. “There’ll be a lot of people here, let’s hope we can find your parents soon.” Andrius says enthusiastically, prior to scanning his card and opening the doors in front of them. Upon walking into the room, Ibrahim notices that he’s on the second level of the building, and the room consists of a microphone, two security guards and a large window looking down on a large crowd of refugees. Through the microphone, an officer requests, “May the parents of Ibrahim Nabhuan please come to Gate C.” He begins to weep tears of joy, as he starts to search for his family with the help of Andrius and Ayase from the observation window.