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What is the Avalon Universe?

The Avalon Universe is basically like what it is today, but with the existence of another continent called Daresia; which exists in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So, with the existence of that nation, we make lore and history, while keeping it as realistic as possible.

What is Project: Avalon?

Project Avalon is a collaborative project under numerous authors, where contributors unleash their imagination in order to create a fictional universe. A collage of stories and ideas, the wiki hosts the individual works of numerous authors alongside a universal timeline where their chosen works combine into a single coherent universe. The project was initially created for personal amusement and compilation for future endeavours.

In order to compile and tie the universe together, we've used a system involving stages, where each stage corresponds to certain centuries and each developed by multiple contributing authors. These development stages or dev stages are meant to be stacked onto each other seamlessly. Although most of each stage are to some extent individual projects, the ends of each stage are made to fit the neighboring stage as well as possible; all events which can occur in the same universe are presented in the universal timeline. The project's components can be found below.

Project Components
Dominion        Reminiscence        Dev Stage 2        Lost Horizon        Universal Timeline

News, Updates and Current Developments

April to June, 2018
Development Stage Reorganisation / Origins, Reminiscence & DS2


  • Japanese migration to Daresia
    • Branch families of Tokugawa (Shinpan)
      • Alternative: Clans are exiled from Japan for practicing Christianity during the Edo Period, establishment of the Moriyama Shogunate in Daresia.
  • Samurai vs. Polynesians
    • Culture, Traditions and Background of Polynesians
  • Northern land bridge between Aleutian Islands and Daresia
    • May be the archipelago of Merue


  • Task Force Z, the Far East Fleet
  • National weapons and vehicles
  • Important people of 1936
  • Daresian Civil War of 1941 (Development satisfactory for now)
  • Naval Naming Convention/Navy of Daresia

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