Tactical Combat Units, also simply known as TCUs, are large bipedal war machines that are used as weapons, which are primarily used in combat.

Fliegers (Pilots)

A Tactical Combat Unit is operated by a specially trained pilot, known as a Flieger, which literally means to aviate or aviator in German.

Placeholder image for a TCU Pilot or Flieger.

One must go through basic training as well as enter and finish naval and air force academy. After doing so, they are put into the Pilot Training Program which tackles everything that a pilot needs to know about a TCU and how to operate one. Pilots are also given the option to attend Pilot Specializations Program which trains Fliegers to become special operatives.

Fliegers who go through all required and given programs are automatically promoted to 2nd Lieutenants and are given authorization to command in the battlefield so long as their rank surpasses those he or she commands. Pilots like these are prestigious due to their remarkable performance and skill in the battlefield, which earned them the nickname of "Stalwart Fliegers" or simply Stalwarts.


Tactical Combat Units Placeholder

Placeholder image of Kataphracts from Aldnoah.Zero.

Evolved from EXTFrame Enterprise Exoskeletons, Tactical Combat Units were designed from humanoid shapes, acting as larger, tougher, taller bodies for soldiers in the battlefield by a company named Evachi Heavy Industries. Originally, the units were made with steel parts and Titanium plating for armor, but due to optimization of resources, Titanium was replaced with reinforced steel and Chromium for mass production.

In the late productions of the second generation of TCU's, other companies started producing their own models of the TCU aside from the ones that Evachi was already designing and producing. This made TCU's available to other countries and factions outside of Daresia and allied countries. Some famous companies to name are the ATSW Corporation and AUH Corporation.

These TCU's are known to succeed tanks in terms of ground battles, and eventually succeed some aircrafts.

- First Generation, TCUs can only jump and climb. Proof of concept, used for field tests and construction purposes. 5 meters tall.

- Second Generation, TCUs are equipped with 'jump boosters'. Full combat approved units. 6-7 meters tall.

- Third Generation, TCUs have the capability to fly. Faster engine and mechanisms. Large heatsinks introduced for jet thrusters. 6-9 meters tall.

The first pilots were originally top performing soldiers who were handpicked by the emperor to test the first generation of TCUs.

Notable Factions

Heavy Delta Regiment

-The 21st TCU Regiment, or Heavy Delta Regiment, is a faction within the Empire of Daresia, notable for their skilled fliegers and TCU handling.

Moore Inc.

-Moore Inc. is a mercenary faction known to use TCUs in their services.

Trevor Mercenary Enterprise

-Trevor Mercenary Enterprise, or TME, is a mercenary faction known to use TCUs in their services.

Onix Team

-The Onix Team implemented the use of TCUs in the late 2140's, which was under Lt. Gin Walker's command at the time.

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