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The Strolton Bridge Incident
Part of Invasion of Daresia
Date March 24, 1940.
Location Struhl, Empire of Daresia
Result Decisive Confederation Victory
Empire of Daresia United Confederation of Eurasia
Notable Commanders
Major Siela Strassagne TBA
217th Company
Platoon 1
Platoon 2
Platoon 3
Platoon 4

Daresian Militia
3rd Regiment

Squad 2
Squad 6
Squad 7
12th Army Group
Casualties and Losses

Vast majorities of Civilians

A † symbol denotes that an individual died during the conflict.
"Why is the Militia.. the Confederation are within the evacuees?!"
Siela Strassagne, noticing the militia firing upon civilians

The Strolton Bridge Incident was an evacuation task given to the 217th Company, during the Invasion of Daresia on March 24, 1940. In the midst of evacuating the rescuees, being civilians and military personnel alike, the Confederation's forces assaulted the evacuees.


Evacuation on the Bridge

Unable to use aircraft as a mode of evacuation due to heavy activity, the Strolton Bridge was considered to be the safest route of evacuation. ---

Strolton Bridge Incident

Constantly moving across the bridge, the 217th Company's infantry personnel continued to participate in the evacuation, until an unexpected explosion at the entrance of the bridge occured. Immediately followed by several firefights on the bridge. An emergency scramble was announced, and the presence of the Confederation on the bridge was confirmed. Among the Daresian Militia, multiple soldiers fired upon fleeing evacuees, which was interrupted by Siela's squad, who was the first to engage the disguised militia and were quickly reinforced by militia squads to prevent the disguised confederation from firing upon the evacuees.

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