This page is an article containing the short story which is related to the Siege of Vitale.

A Tyrant's Razing is a short story revolving around the UCFEA's attack on Colonia Vitale, a major city in Daresia, which is recounted from numerous perspectives at different time periods - from when the Confederation first appeared, to the sacrifice of the city.

The Suppressing Assault

Retaliating against overwhelming odds, the 5th Royal Fleet, 7th Royal Fleet, 21st Infantry Platoon, the 114th Auxillary Corps and the 101st Airborne attempt to hold multiple areas against the Confederation's 111th and 112th Infantry Divisions.

1847H, March 19, 2070. Colonia Vitale, Daresia. The surrounding vicinities of Citadel Vitale.

Adm. Yashiro: "This is Namuri Yashiro of the Battleship, RDS Takao. All ships of the 5th Fleet are ready. How is the 7th Fleet?"

Adm. Amand: "Admiral Namuri Yashiro, this is Amand Van Buuren of the Battleship, RDS Sea Dragon. All ships of the 7th Fleet are ready for engagement."

Adm. Yashiro: "Good. You are tasked with the responsibility of bombarding the surrounding vicinites of the city, we will engage with the Confederation's fleet."  Adm. Amand: "Understood."

Sea Dragon Operator: "All ships, ready to fire!"  Adm. Amand: "Target the coastline, FIRE!"

Capt. Aiko: "Ishi de kasai!" (Fire at will!)

During initial bombardment, the cruiser Wadatsumi is the first ship of the 7th Royal Fleet to receive impact from the confederation. Upon impact, the fluent radio chatter on board the bridge of the RDS Sea Dragon significantly increases, along with the sounds of constant gunfire.

Sea Dragon Operator: "Cruiser Wadatsumi under fire!"

Capt. Aiko: "Hōgeki o zokkō!" (Continue the bombardment!)

After being notified that the anti aircraft weaponry has gone offline, Aiko requested assistance from the other ships of the 7th Royal Fleet.

"This is the RDS Wadatsumi, requesting anti aircraft support. Our AA is offline."