Radon's interstellar fleet is the most advanced of any human faction and the second largest at over 30 non-commercial ships. Due to Radon's economy, the majority of these ships are privately owned and funded, whether they're used for personal transport or for use in a company.

In times of need, members are obliged to have their ships available for faction purposes such as large-scale construction, research expeditions, and combat. Radon's fleet rests mostly about the Pillar of Atlas.


Horizon space is monitored tightly by the Overwatch network; any ship not bearing an active signature will be halted and interrogated. The only entrance into Horizon space with human technology is through a gate which orbits Horizon's parent star. Ships not belonging to a member are to be scanned and securely docked on the Pillar of Atlas.

All members are allowed to dock their ships in hangars and spaceports on the station. Regular maintenance is provided free of charge, whereas fuel is provided only to some extent.

All Radon ships have unique signatures registered in the Overwatch network, through which their location and status are monitored.


Horizon has 12 large multipurpose factories where mass produced vehicles are manufactured. Almost the entire process is automated, and the versatile nature of the factories allows them to assemble new designs without renovation.

Ships made for Radon's fleet however are built separately in three large hangars in the city. These hangars are state of the art, but due to the ships' more complex nature, requires a lot of human intervention.

The chassis of most ships are 3D printed, followed by the installation of the interior and exterior hull. Engineers then install sensitive equipment and amenities. The hangars can complete a small ship in less than a week, but can also manufacture larger ships exceeding 100 meters in length. Ships beyond 300 meters are assembled in orbit.


First Generation [2140-2200]

First generation spaceships are poorly suited for interstellar travel. These ships are interplanetary and were only constructed as a transportation method between the colonies within the solar system. First generation ships often don't require specialized reactors and instead rely on solar power, as they don't carry advanced navigation systems, electromagnetic shielding, or powerful engines. Most first generation ships utilize ion engines and propellant rockets. No known first generation ship is in existence.

Second Generation [2200-2320]

Second generation ships are better suited for interstellar travel, but will still take several decades or centuries to travel to other star systems. Although generation ships were built, most second generation ships were made with cryonic suspension pods to sustain its crew. These ships are self-sufficient and often exhibit nuclear fusion reactors. They utilize similar but more effective propulsion methods to first generation ships such as solar sails, and are outfitted with electromagnetic shielding. Most second generation ships have been decommissioned.

Third Generation [2320-2430]

Third generation ships are the first to be affected by the discovery of the alien technology found on Alpha Centauri. These ships are outstandingly more advanced than second generation ships and are therefore capable of short-term interstellar travel. Some third generation ships exhibit a warp drive which allows it to seemingly travel at superluminal speeds. All third generation ships are powered by nuclear fusion.

Fourth Generation [2430-present]

Fourth or current generation ships are similar to third generation ships, however the design of these ships are better adapted to the alien technology; a multitude of features are added.


Every Radon ship is named in the format RS-[E/R/T/W/U][Number] [Name], where RS is a prefix indicating that it is a Radon ship. Respectively, the letters stand for Exploration, Research, Transport, Warship, and Utility; indicating what function the ship serves. The number indicates the position of the ship in its class of function. For example, a ship with the name RS-E2 is an exploration ship and the second to be built. The name is simply a phonetic means of referring to the ship given by its owner.

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