Although they uphold a benevolent ideology and is a widely peaceful faction, Radon will show no mercy to any which threatens it. Their military will withhold the city and every member from harm by any means possible. However, they will not attack anyone unless attacked first, and will always look for a peaceful alternative. Often compared to the Japanese Self-Defense Force.

Although small and lacking in numbers, Radon's military is one of the most powerful in the galaxy due to its highly advanced array of weapons and defensive measures, combined capable of annihilating entire worlds or preventing the annihilation of them. This show of force becomes apparent the moment you arrive in Horizon space, as Radon's entire military, aside from the recon teams, are dedicated solely in the protection of Horizon and are thus predominant on and around the planet.

Radon's military is stratified to three main layers - the recon team, the Overwatch network, and the militia.​


Contrary to most militaries, Radon's primary line of defense - the Overwatch network, is controlled almost entirely by an AI. Although many fear the implications of such a concept, such as the AI going rogue and attacking those who built it, Radon fear no such thing for the AI have transcended those risks. The AI, Sabrina, is sentient, and is treated like any Radon member, though given special privileges due to her position. Sabrina, like other sentient AIs present in Radon, has reached human-level thought, capable of experiencing emotions and the like, but has a much higher mental capacity. Sabrina wasn't built to become the Overwatch network's overseer; she chose to be the defender of Horizon as she cares for the city and everyone in it.

The Overwatch network itself is composed of a large array of satellites in orbit around Horizon all of which armed with various countermeasures and capable of projecting an incomplete though powerful shield around the entire planet. Their offensive weaponry consists of missiles, laser turrets, and drones. When not used in combat, the satellites monitors space and the planet, used for surveillance and research.

The other, largest component of the network is the Pillar of Atlas. Despite its status as a research and engineering station, the Pillar of Atlas is heavily armed to defend itself, the city, and the fleet. It also carries above it the Mjölnir, a Forerunner device capable of becoming a powerful mass driver or a shield projection system. As such, in the event that Aether becomes vulnerable, the Pillar of Atlas will descend and dock on the city and project an island-wide shield to improve its chances of survival.

Other than those on the satellites, Sabrina has control of an army of drones, all of which hosting similar firepower to a standard EPCON warship.

Outside of Horizon, there are numerous manned official warships stationed at various strategic locations. Along with these warships, controlled by Sabrina, is a ship designed to provide ground support for the recon teams.

Reconnaissance Division