Allowed by the economy and unique governmental system, Radon is not only a country-like faction, but rather a conglomerate of numerous personally or publicly owned corporations. These corporations operate the faction's economy and sustains its members within the city. Many of these have become well-known in the interstellar market, especially due to alien technologies known only by Radon.

Registered Companies​

  • SkyNet
Although not a Radon-based company, Radon owns a large portion of SkyNet's shares and is its primary sponsor, providing both technical knowledge and technological resources.
  • ION
Found by Luke Torres in 2315, ION is a company which designs and manufactures high-tech furniture and various aspects of the modern home. The company is known for their obscenely advanced toilets, though their greatest innovation would be the ion shower; invented and produced solely by ION, these showers uses a large array of various sprays and devices to clean the human body whilst keeping it dry.
  • Titan Aerospace
Famous for their Titan series reactor, Titan Aerospace is Radon's primary supplier of fusion reactors and ion engines. Their approach is more materialistic, manufacturing more modest parts for the mass market rather than Radon's tendency to create obscenely advanced products from alien technology.
  • Unibit
Unibit is a manufacturer of quantum computers. Although smaller in scale compared to other Radon-based companies, Unibit has its market with other companies which require large amounts of computing power. As such, it's a profitable company nonetheless.
  • Andromeda Entertainment
Known best for its Nexus entertainment center which has the functionality of a laptop, desktop, gaming console, phone, tablet, and television all in one, Andromeda Entertainment creates a large variety of electronic devices and several major video games.
  • Orbital Watch
The Orbital Watch is best known for the HoloLink, a device generally with the functionality of a smartphone which appears like a wrist band and is worn like one, however projects a holographic display above it. All HoloLinks are connected to SkyNet. Modified HoloLinks are a standard in Radon - every member is given one with their profile and biometrics on it. All Radon HoloLinks are connected to Radon's intranet.
  • Recoil Engineering
Recoil Engineering is the leading company in the market for electromagnetic devices, being the only manufacturer of gravitoelectromagnetic generators used in the simulation of gravity or anti-gravity in spaceships and space stations. They also manufacture tokamak and stellarator casing for fusion reactors, and custom radiation shielding systems. The Radon-only item they produce are the railguns and suits used by Radon's defense force and scouts.
  • Radon Interstellar
Radon Interstellar can be considered the 'pre-faction' Radon, a company that's no more than just an aerospace manufacturer. Radon Interstellar is Radon's primary company and source of income; the leading aerospace manufacturer within EPCON factions. Their parts may come from other Radon-based companies, though the ships themselves are assembled under the Radon Interstellar title and hangar, which is one of the most outstanding buildings in Aether.
  • Pulsar
A pioneer of the revolutionized energy industry, Pulsar is the largest company in the energy market. With fossil fuels deemed obsolete, the world has turned its eyes towards clean sustainable energy sources. They manufacture a large variety of modern nuclear reactors, ranging from the more conventional tokamak reactors to stellarators and ICFs. Many fusion reactions are available, such as the traditional Deuterium-Tritium fuel cycle, Helium-3 fuel cycle, and safer aneutronic fusion reactions for smaller vehicles and buildings. They also manufacture Thorium reactors. Their two more recent endeavors involve Radon's energy network and the recently established antimatter market. Antimatter is a popular fuel for large spaceships designed to travel between star systems, though the difficulty of gathering or synthesizing it along with its safe containment gives it a very high price. Fortunately, some Forerunner planets have antimatter collectors already in orbit, which makes it easier for Radon to acquire antimatter for their own ships and generators. Radon's energy network is as large an endeavor - to harvest a fraction of a star's energy and transmit it to Aether. Currently, the project has yielded results with two harvesting facilities orbiting Aether's parent star, its energy transmitted through SkyNet relays orbiting in various locations.

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