Ship type Dreadnought
Role Capital Ship
Manufacturer Radon, EPCON-H
Commissioned 22nd October, 2421
Fate Isolated
Operators ATHENA, Telos

Starship Specifications
Ship class Ascendant-class
FTL [FRN]HD-3 Warp Drive
Propulsion [RDN]TITAN-6A Antimatter Drive
Armour 12cm Vahlen-5 Exterior Armour, 60cm Vahlen-2 Nanostructured Hull
Armaments Eye of Antares, 6x Singularity Warheads, 100x Antimatter Warheads (10 silos), 8x 140PW Railguns, 12x 100PW Laser Cannons
Crew Capacity 20 (Excluding Cargo Modules)
Ships Carried 5 Dropships, 10 Fighters, 70 Drones
Features Space-time Portal Device, Blink Drive, Quantum Entanglement Device


Nicknamed the Ancora, prototype RDN-ECN-69720AC is a dreadnought designed by Cervex and ATHENA, manufactured through the use of RS-U5 and artefacts SSM-12 and SSM-13, both of which are depleted in the process. The prototype is currently contained in installment PO-18, 430 meters below the surface of Tormax-181b and operated by ATHENA. A direct jump trajectory is available for the RS-W6 in the event of a breach. Despite the distinct Forerunner engineering of the prototype, the design of several components were based on Architect technology. Unlike previous prototypes, an Architect artificial intelligence system was utilized instead. The prototype's core consists of artefact AM-1, contained in a vacuum sealed with Vahlen-6 compound and suspended in a 36 petawatt electromagnetic field.

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