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This page contains information on the Project's components that have been implemented. In order to officially contribute on a component, you are required to be a designated author of the project.

Active Projects

Components in this list are regularly being worked on and updated.

Daresia: Dominion

Main Article: Daresia: Dominion
Lead Author: Darrensier and Gevanson
Contributing Authors: N/A

Daresia: Dominion, simply known as Dominion is planned to be the history of Daresia during the Medieval Era. Awaiting further detail.

Updates: Work started on the Katsudaira Campaign.

Avalon: Reminscence

Main Article: Avalon: Reminiscence
Lead Authors: Gevanson and Darrensier
Contributing Authors: N/A

Avalon: Reminiscence, simply referred to as Reminiscence is an expansion of history that primarily focuses on the World Wars of the 20th Century. It consists of multiple short stories from multiple nationalities, and is open to contributors.

Avalon: Dev Stage 2

Main Article: Avalon: Dev Stage 2
Lead Author(s): DeltaOp1
Contributing Authors: Gerwulf, Neolyx, WaterMelonTrooper and Darrensier

Awaiting description. Presumed to be set between the 21st and 23rd centuries, primarily focuses on the modern world, and eventually EPCON-H and its adversaries.

Updates: Work started on the Civil Security's Imperial Homeland Security and SAIGO.

Avalon: Lost Horizon

Main Article: Avalon: Lost Horizon
Lead Author: Neolyx
Contributing Authors: GerwulfWaterMelonTrooper and Darrensier

Lost Horizon begins subsequent to the interstellar revolution following the discovery of the Forerunners on the 22nd century. The stories of Lost Horizon revolves primarily around Radon. The universe of Lost Horizon is a continuation of the real world today; scientific breakthroughs have led our civilization away from its own demise and allowed us to colonize distant planets. Eventually with the emergence of new technology and thus opportunities, a large number of corporations grew into interplanetary businesses, and an interstellar union was formed. This creates a large and rich universe for countless minor stories and an ambitious main story. Avalon: Lost Horizon will contain brief narrations of humanity's advancements and status in the future, along with side stories unrelated to the main story.

Inactive Projects

Components in this list have been put on hold, and are currently not being worked on.

All projects currently active.

Scrapped Projects

Components in this list have been abandoned, and have been kept for reusable purposes.

Campaign of Fire

Main Article: Campaign of Fire
Lead Authors: Darrensier and DeltaOp1

Awaiting description.

Non-canon Projects / Other Universes

Components in this list are not  included in the Avalon universe, but instead are made to fit in other 'stuff'.

Avalon: Age of Air

Main Article: Avalon: Age of Air
Lead Authors: Darrensier

Avalon: Age of Air, or simply referred to as The 37th, is a group within the online game Guns of Icarus. Although not officially a part of Avalon nor the lore behind Guns of Icarus, the feats of the 37th Winged Fleet are set in an alternate steampunk world. May develop transuniverse lore.

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