The birthplace of humanity, Earth, is a partially a colony of Daresia, with the Empire of Daresia holding approximately 1/3 of the planet, and the remaining 2/3 are affiliants of EPCON-H.


Ilseo is a planet that's known for its vast body of liquid, and its lack of large landmass.


Europa is home to a number of research facilities funded by the United Nations and sponsored by several other companies. The colony consists of seven underwater research facilities, along with a surface base that acts as a central hub between the facilities, and allows for aerial and orbital transport. The facilities excel at biological research, and holds one of the few discovered alien artifact. Europa is speculated to be the source of the fifth alien strain which brought the evacuation of Europa and death of several thousand personnel. Abandoned ships can be seen drifting above Europa. A wealth of lost scientific research prompted many factions and organizations to attempt raiding the facilities, however patrol ships - both orbital and naval are dispatched by the UN to prevent raiders from looting or damaging the research, whilst attempting to gather the data themselves.


Earth is the birthplace of Humanity, highly contested for but ultimately lost to carnage and destruction. Reclaimed by Imperial forces but lose to a large scale Federal incursion.

The planet's fate hung in the balance for a decade till the Federal superpower placed its 'flag in the ground'. Now owned solely by the Trans-Federal network of the G.S.A and occupied by no other factions apart from the increasingly not so required U.N foundation, soon to be fully closed and over-ruled.

Earth has numerous outposts in orbit, both civilian and military.

The Corvus serves as the primary military outpost of note, a dry-dock to maintain the Federal Navy's capital ships.

Planetary defenses surround its galactic borders, and trespassing without clearance is considered an act of war.

The Narada is usually set on patrol duties within the area.


Mars was officially the second colony that fell to Federal Incursion, shortly after Earth was abandoned by the Imperial forces and their leader eventually presumed dead, the remaining Imperial bunkers on Mars surrendered to Federal order. Mars is now the major mining district of the Trans-Federal network, feeding and supplying its vast need of resources for ships, weapons and necessary raw materials. Military presence does occupy parts of Mars. But it is by no means intended to be assaulted from.

The Cresentia was built and currently patrols Mars' galactic border. Scarce planetary defense systems clutter the orbit. Mostly drills and transfer stations for ore and rock.


Erena is the birthplace of the Trans-Federal Network of planets. Once a planet of huge scale. Soon cut in half by a comet that struck it during its early stages of formation.

Erena is now split into two halves, each considered a different sector to the other.

The Northern half, Narvos. Home to civilian settlements and little else.

And Cronos, home to numerous Federal military establishments and Founder based facilities.

During the Incursion on Earth, whatever remained of the Imperial fleet launched a full scale offensive on Erena. The Crucifix by itself with no assistance for this first twelve hours of this war defended the planet by itself. When the Federal fleet confirmed Earth as theirs, The Narada finished off the two remaining dreadnoughts that nearly crippled the Crucifix for eternity.

Due to this event, the Crucifix was soon dubbed "The Cross of Erena."

Ultimately the Crucifix was destroyed by a PMC fleet in action far away from Erena.

Its legacy on the planet is still considered Immortal.

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