The essential ground forces of EPCON-H, which are known as Peacekeepers---


The military organzation of EPCON-H is the structuring of the armed forces-------------------- The approximate capacity of individuals within a given group are rarely followed, and numbers within groups will always vary.

Structure: Approx. Capacity: Commanded by: Consists of:
  • Squad / Section
8-12 Sergeant N/A
  • Platoon
24-30 1st. Lieutenant 3 Squads/Sections
  • Company
120 Captain 4 Platoons
  • Battalion
480 Major 4 Companies
  • Regiment
1440 Lt. Colonel 3 Battalions
  • Division

Typically, the Peacekeepers are made up of various military units. Because of the military's large size, the Peacekeepers have a naming scheme that involves colours. Units are organized by colors, and individuals within the unit have a number. Examples below:

  • Black-Six
  • Bronze Section
  • Charcoal Platoon
  • Amber Battalion