Defending Citadel Vitale
Part of the Campaign of Fire
Date March 19, 2070 - March 25, 2070
Location Vitale, Daresia
Result Confederation Pyrrhic Victory
Empire withdrawal from Vitale

Confederation Occupation of Vitale


Empire of Daresia

United Confederation of Eurasia

Notable Commanders
General Charles W. Wallace

General Alphard Coburn
Admiral Amand Van Buuren
Admiral Namuri Yashiro
Commander Narumi Aiko
Lt Col. Michael Euforde


General Titus Meed

Lt. Colonel Hecturoiun Crackus


The Daresian Imperial Army

13th Darrette Company 1st Guard Company
Asessia & Aechcylous

4th Company of DFL
114th Auxilary Corps
"Monkey Wrench's"

7th COCC Squadron
10th Training Squadron

1st Thunder Squadron
1st Lightning Squadron

The Daresian Royal Navy

5th Royal Fleet
7th Royal Fleet

The Daresian Royal Air Force

101st Airborne,
"Pegasus" Company

Army Group A

4th Heretria Lancer Amoured Corps
111th Infantry Division
112th Infantry Division
113th Infantry Division

Army Group B
1st Infantry Auxiliary Corps 22nd Armoured Tactical Support
201st Infantry Reserve
111th Independent Observation Group B

110th Independent Naval Auxillary
- 10 Support Ships

- 2 Battleship Retrofits
(Stolen from the 8th Naval Fleet)

UCFEA Naval Defence Fleet
- 11 Destroyers
- 5 Cruisers
- 28 Frigates

Casualties and Losses
Est. 2000 Combat personel

Est. 13,000 Civillian Casualties

HMS Forlon

HMS Repetear

HMSS Ice Breaker

HMS Dauntless (Damaged Beyond Repair)

HMS Wet Feet (Damaged Beyond Repair)

HMSS Hope (Deemed Unfit For Service)

Est. 5,000 Ground Troops

Est. 656 Marines

Est. 47 Aircraft

3 Support ships and 2 damaged . 1 Battleship (Crippled)

Temporary Placeholder.

Takes place right after Operation: Resilience.