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Operation: Arrowhead
Part of Dev Stage 2
Date TBA
Location TBA
Result Decisive Daresian Victory
Empire of Daresia United Confederation of Eurasia
Notable Commanders
Sheath Dispatch


Javelin Flight

Speartip Flight

Raging Vultures Flight

Striking Talons Flight
Blaze Flight

Casualties and Losses
Javelin-2, Alexander

Speartip-2, Andrea
Speartip-4, Victor

Raging Vultures Flight

Striking Talons Flight
Blaze Flight

"Sheath to Javelin and Speartip, we'll now commence mission operation."
― Dispatch to Flights Javelin and Speartip

Operation: Arrowhead, otherwise known as Birds in the Stratosphere, was an operation between flights Javelin and Speartip against flights Raging Vultures, Striking Talons and Blaze.

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