Namuri Aiko
Biographical Information
Also Known As TBA
Nationality Japanese
Relatives Namuri Yashiro

Kana Namuri (Mother)
Namuri Takara (Sister)
Namuri Katsuro (Brother)
Namuri Kyousuke (Brother)

Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5"8
Namuri Aiko (Aiko Namuri) is a Captain within the Daresian Royal Navy , and is responsible for commanding the Cruiser Wadatsumi, in the 7th Royal Fleet. She is also known for being the oldest child from the prestigious Namuri family.

Early Life


Aiko was born in ^, as the first child of Count Namuri Yashiro and Countess Namuri Kana. She was a graduate of the 5th Naval Training Squadron in Citadel ^,----------

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