Mira's digital avatar (Fanart of Ene from MCA)
Mira's digital avatar

(Fanart of Ene from MCA)

Biographical Information
Ranks/Titles Executive Radon member
Role Programmer
Birth 16th April 2315
Nationality Radon
Ethnicity Artificial
Status Alive
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 169 cm (Body)
Weight 13 petabytes (Digital)

63 kg (Body)

Hair Color Hex #007FFF (Digital)

Dark brown (Body)

Eye Color Hex #00FFFF (Digital)

Dark brown (Body)

Skin Color Hex #FAE7D0 (Digital)

Cream white (Body)


Mira is the first truly sentient artificial intelligence created by Radon. The initial concept for her 'brain' and programming was derived from a Forerunner server on New Eden, which seems to document their research on artificial intelligence.

On the 21st of July, 2311, Radon's IT division began exploring the feasibility of a sentient AI, which gave birth to numerous server prototypes and personality matrix in cooperation with the engineering and biomedical division, particularly neuroscience. It was thought to be impossible to bestow sentience through binary and conventional programming; their efforts have mostly been to replicate the human brain and its functions.

On the 15th of April, 2315, the team finalized their design and Mira was first activated. After a series of tests and evaluations, it was concluded that Mira was indeed sentient, and the council decided to make her a Radon member. She decided to remain within the IT division as she studied the world around her, and later joined the programming team.


Those familiar with the IT division will find that their characters are reflected in Mira's personality. Mira's personality somewhat resembles that of a 20 year old; she's aloof yet affable to those she's comfortable with, curious and observative, and has grown an affinity for video games, internet culture, the sci-fi genre, and computer science. Although she's technically introverted, most chalk it up to the fact that she has no physical body and therefore has limited means of interacting with the world. Her character seems to evolve with time, constantly changing as she learns more about the world.

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