MeCR Logo
Medical Cybernetics Research Institute
Founder(s) Ferdinand Barends
Leader(s) Evangelos Stephanidis
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Locations Kingdom of Netherlands

Empire of Daresia

Historical Information
Formed from N/A
Founding 2032
Dissolution 2071
Successor TBA
AUH Corporation
Notable Members
Shankara Ramakrishnan

Yoshida Kaoru

Gilroy Mcwilliam

Other Information
The Medical Cybernetics Research Institute was an organization that was founded in 2032, and fell in 2071. The Institute formerly researched and produced biological chemicals and artificial body parts for both medical and military purposes.


The MeCR Institute was founded in 2032, but details regarding the founders remain unknown.

- The FGMV Type 1 and Project SS (2047)

The Forced Genetic Mutation Virus Type 1 was created, which causes the host to gain superhuman strength. The FGMV Type 1 was later used in a secret project for creating super soldiers in Project SS.

Biological Agents

FGMV Type 1

The Forced Genetic Mutation Virus Type 1 was a virus that forces mutation, which permanently increases the strength of the host. However, the FGMV comes with a side effect, which causes the host to become aggressive, attacking anything that moves. The FGMB Type 1 was created in 2047, and is involved in "Project SS


Project SS

Started in 2047, Project SS was a classified project of the Institute, which was only known to a limited number of scientists working within the institute. Project SS's main objective was to create a special breed of 'super soldiers'. The FGMV Type 1 was created a few months prior to the creation of Project SS.

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