MPC-1 "Maclean"
Ship type Personnel Carrier
Role Troop Carrier

Drop Pod Assault Centre Troop Barracks

Manufacturer ATSW Corporation
Commissioned 2145
Fate In Active Use
Operators Empire of Daresia

Starship Specifications
Ship class Casablanca-Class Carrier
FTL Yes (Warp Drive)
Propulsion 6 Engines
Armour 1.7 meter Titanium plating
Armaments Quad GAU-19 Gatling Guns

40mm Bofors AA Guns

Crew Capacity 1,300
Ships Carried 230 drop pods
Features TBA
The MPC-1 "Maclean" (Main Personnel Carrier-1 "Maclean") is an ATSW Corporation produced naval troop carrier for use under the Empire of Daresia.