MDes-8 "Paige"
Ship type Destroyer
Role Assault/Defense Ship

Escort Ship

Manufacturer ATSW Corporation
Commissioned 2150
Fate In Active Use
Operators Empire of Daresia

Starship Specifications
Ship class Zumwalt-Class Destroyer
FTL Yes (Warp Drive)
Propulsion 4 Engines
Armour 1.4 meter Titanium plating
Armaments 617mm Cannon

40mm Bofors AA Guns Quad 20mm Gatling Guns Quad GAU-19 Gatling Guns 16"/50 Mark 7 Naval Cannons 20 Space Mines

Crew Capacity 130
Ships Carried 6 aircrafts
Features TBA
The MDes-8 "Paige" (Main Destroyer-8 "Paige") is an ATSW Corporation produced destroyer meant for use under the Empire of Daresia.

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