Kurosawa Makoto
Biographical Information
Ranks/Titles Kaigun daii (Empire of Japan)

Chōkan (Senshi Dantai)

Role Officer
Birth August 21, 1916
Nationality Japanese
Relatives Kurosawa Hibiki (Brother)
Status Alive(1948)
Equipment Type 98 Kato pistol

Type 5 Automatic Rifle (Senshi Dansai)

Affiliations Empire of Japan (1935-1947)

Senshi Dantai (1945-1948)

Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5'5 ft
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O

Kurosawa Makoto (黒澤 真琴 Makoto Kurosawa) was a Lieutenant that served in the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War. She was an Officer aboard the Battleship Tōtōmi

She is described as stoic and aloof by most of the crew . Due to her name, she is often mistaken as a Male at first.


Born in the city of Kobe, located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of the Kansai region on August 21, 1916. 

Kurosawa joined the Navy at a very young age, and served under Fukui Takuma before he was promoted to the rank of Admiral.