Kostya Yakolev
Biographical Information
Ranks/Titles Kapitan
Role Officer
Birth September 17, 1907
Nationality Russian
Status Alive (1948)
Equipment SVT-40
Affiliations Soviet Union
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height 5’9″
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Blood Type B
Kostya Yakolev (Костя Я́ковлев) was a Captain of the Red rifles serving the Soviet union during the 2nd World War. Known for being strict and a drunkard, he however, is noted for being more forgiving than the rest of the Officers of the Red rifles. Despite his surname, he is not related to the Yakolev (Yak) company

He partook in the assault that destroyed the 18th Panzer Regiment in 1942.


Ditto as my other character pages.

Born on September 17,1907.

Kostya joined the Soviet Army during 1936 and was transferred to the Red Red rifles in 1941, during the Invasion of Belarus.

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