Katsiaryna Lagunov
Biographical Information
Ranks/Titles Mládšij Seržánt
Birth December 8, 1916
Nationality Belarusian
Relatives Matvey Lagunov (Father)
Status Alive (1948)
Equipment PPSh-41


Affiliations Soviet Union
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5’8″
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Blood Type A
Katsiaryna Lagunov  (Кацярына Лагунов) was a Belarusian Junior Sergeant of the Red rifles serving the Soviet union during the 2nd World War. She is noted to be extremely courageous, even if near the brink of death. Because of this, she usually gets scolded by her superior, Kostya Yakolev.


Born in December 8, 1916 in the Belarusian town of Vileyka.

Katsiaryna was conscripted in 1941 during the German invasion of Belarus.

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