The Imperial Royal Guard is a special military branch that's maintained by the varying Great Imperial Houses, predominantly dedicated to the protection of the Imperial lineage, Imperial Houses, locations and assets deemed important by the Emperor or the Great Houses. Rather than reporting to Empire's main commanding military structure, the Imperial Royal Guard instead pledge their allegiance directly to the Emperor and their designated House Wardens.

Concept: Each member of royalty, including the family members of the House Wardens are entitled to elect a personal guardian called a "Knight of Honour". These Knights are given authority and are placed under the command of the House Warden and their designated individual.


Created in 115, the first Imperial Royal Guard took the form as the Legion of Valour along aside their brothers and sisters. The Legion of Merit and the Royal Legion served at the emperor's side displaying courage and skill throughout the ages until their reformation as the IRG we know today which begun in the year 2070 and finished by the year 2075 and were officially deployed by the year 2080..-----

Imperial Orders

Imperial Orders are branches of Imperial Guards under their designated House Warden and House Council. TBA.

Flag / Insignia Name Description and Associated Orders
House Castellain TBA
House Chauffard TBA
House Kazusa

The Imperial Guard of House Kazusa vary between the ruling minor houses; however most consist of traditional elements dating back to the foundation of the Empire.

  • TBA (Ex. 11th Kazusan Guard)
House Strassagne TBA

Chivalric Orders (NOT A PART OF HOUSE)

Placeholder Example: The Order of St. Gabriel is an IRG unit within House Strassagne.

Reference note, to delete: Imperial Orders of the Empire

The Imperial Royal Guard has command over four chivalric orders, which were established to act as the sword and shield of the Empire. Their duty, is to obey orders that are given to them by their designated Imperial House, whether it's to defend or attack the Empire's threats. Those in a chilvaric order consists of elite knights, who are commanded by an Imperial House Warden.

Note: House Wardens have very strong politcal influences in the Empire's government.


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