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The Imperial Orders of the Empire, also known as the Knightly Orders are elite, prestigious groups that were created for the sole purpose of being at the forefront of the Empire's imperial skirmishes. Many descendants of the royal bloodline are known to join numerous Knightly Orders, as a path to gain reputation and experience.

Note: What is a Knight in the Empire? (Modern)

Notable Imperial Orders

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  • The Imperial Order of Saint Nathaniel

The Imperial Order of Saint Nathaniel, commanded by Nathaniel himself, has led the imperial order in endless skirmishes as the vanguard of the empire.

Honourary House Orders

Along with the numerous elites that operate within the Imperial Royal Guard, there are three legendary orders that have served the empire ever since it's foundation. These orders are exclusive by hereditary, and are divided by nationality and culture. These Orders are frequently symbolize "Unity", despite differences between them. They all work to achieve the same goal, the continuity of their people and the preservation and defence of the Empire.