Ilse Schuchard
Biographical Information
Also Known As Ilse Schräder
Ranks/Titles Feldwebel

Oberfeldwebel (Wehrmacht)
Stabsoberfähnrich (NVA)

Role Tank Commander (Wehrmacht)

Instructor (NVA)

Birth February 19, 1914
Nationality German
Relatives Rein Schuchard
Status Alive (1975)
Equipment MP 40


Affiliations Third Reich

Nationale Volksarmee

Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5’6″
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type O
Ilse Schuchard (Formerly called as Ilse Schräder) was a German tank commander serving in the German Army's feared 31st Panzer Division during the 2nd World War. Her current crew utilizes a Panzer Jaguar. Recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.


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Born on February 19, 1914 on the German city of Bochum.

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Ilse was placed in the 18th Panzer Regiment on 1941, where it met its destruction on 1942 when Soviet forces encircled the Regiment. By the orders of Siegfried Hochberg, all survivors of the 18th Panzer regiment were merged with numerous Panzer regiments forming the Panzer Brigade "Hydra".

Following the surrender of German Forces in Berlin, Ilse was moved to a POW camp only to be released on the late 1948 after the end of the Second World War and resided in Soviet Controlled Germany.

Working at some time as a Soviet Tank Instructor before the formation of the Nationale Volksarmee.

Ilse served as the instructor of the 5th Panzer Ausbildung Regiment

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