Hartmann Heintze
Biographical Information
Ranks/Titles Oberleutnant
Role Officer
Birth May 16,1912
Nationality German
Relatives TBA
Status Alive (1948)
Equipment MP 40

StG 44

Affiliations Third Reich
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height 5’9″
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type B
Features Missing left eye
Hartmann Heintze was an Oberleutnant that served in the 31st Panzer Division, 5th Motorized Infantry of the German Army. Despite his missing eye, he can still aim with ease.


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Hartmann received a Silver Wound badge after losing one of his eyes in 1942 during the destruction of the 18th Panzer Regiment when it was encircled by Soviet forces in 1942.