Template:Infobox FactionThe Systems Defense Forces Command, simply abbreviated as the SDFC, is a branch of the Extraplanetary Consotium of Humanity's law enforcement tasked with coordinating the defence of humanity's respective systems should they come under the threat of hostilities.

Unlike there Navy Brothers the S.D.F.C lack any sort of mobility when it comes to engaging the enemy out in space instead what they rely on are a there respective Stations and Fortresses as strong points to delay or halt the adversary's advance into the system.

There are Numerous Branches that fall under the S.D.F.C's command such as the Territorial Army whom is which is in charge of planetary defense from land, while the Volunteer Air Service or V.A.S for short is responsible for maintaining air superiority in low orbit and the air.

The Border Patrol Detail are a contingent of Mainly Corvettes and Star fighters dedicated to policing its spacial territory and for localized system defense, they do not stary too far from the bases and outpost as they are no means capble of sustained combat (placeHolder for now )

However the recent defence budget review from parliment eariler on in the year has given way to allow the limited purchase of low tonnage Frigates to be built and or purchased for the SDFC's BPD in the hopes of further augmenting its capabilties.

S.D.F.C (mostly the B.P.D)Primarily operate out of fortified starports and outposts which can vary from system to system, In SIgma Theta IV there in lies one of the few systems that can afford to operate true dedicated star bases , massive constructs of Grade A titanium alloy backed up by a monster array of weaponry dupped "Headquaters" by most officials.