=== Development ===
On July 2099, EPCON-H created the Military Advancement Program to further develop the military capabilities of the EPCON-H. By 2119, EPCON-H established the ARms and Equipment Specialists Industry or ARES Industry under the Military Advancement Program.



==== The Expeditionary Force ====
The Expeditionary Force serves as one of the primary military strength of EPCON-H. It is composed of 50,000 active troops and 5,000 reserves.

==== Battlegroup "Sentinel" ====
Battlegroup "Sentinel" is a combined military unit from different colonies under the EPCON-H. The battlegroup is made up of 20 battalions with 1,500 troops each. 15 of the battalions came from the colonies while the remaining battalions are under EPCON-H itself. The battlegroup is usually deployed in the colonies where there are conflicts.

==== 7th Experimental Mechanized Division ====
It is composed of 26 experimental mechs made by ARES Industry specifically for EPCON-H. Each mech only requires one pilot. It is armed with two machine guns mounted on its right forearm. It also features an ejection seat in case of emergency.

==== 12th Peacekeeping Brigade ====
Also known as Peacekeepers, are made up of 7,000 active military personnel from protectorates under EPCON-H. Although the Peacekeepers are primarily tasked for security and defense of the colonies under the EPCON-H, the capabilities of the armed forces exceed those of other organizations.

Air Force

==== 15th "HAWK" Squadron ====
The 15th "HAWK" Squadron are composed of 24 ES-H20 "HAWK" Starfighters made by ARES Industry. The pilots for the squadron are handpicked by the Commander-in-Chief and is only composed by the elites of the entire EPCON-H Fleet.


==== Heimlich ====
Heimlich is the main military intelligence of the EPCON-H. It was established during the year 2100 as part of the Military Advancement Program.

==Development Groups==
Development Groups are essential for EPCON-H. Development Groups are mostly companies that are hired to develop products which may be used by EPCON-H, and without the necessary groups, sustaining the entire organization would be impossible.

Known Development Groups under EPCON-H:
*ARES Industry

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