The Daresian Military has always prided themselves on being one of the best fighting forces in the world. From the land within the European Union, to the exclusive seas of Asia, the Daresian Military has been standing guard, protecting the empire's settlements. The borders of Daresia are some of the best protected, with long lines of Citadels and Fortresses, lines the borders of America, the borders of European Union, and the borders of Asia. Therefore, the High Command has named this; The Defence Grid.

The Defence Grid, commonly referred to as the Citadel Line, consists of numerous Citadels/Fortresses housing military units surrounding the continent.

- To be led by a family, doesn't have to be royal.
- Depending on Dominion and other historical concepts, numerous Citadels may follow a particular theme.
(European & Asian, depending on location)
- Citadels and Fortresses are also used for stationing the Reserves of the Army, and are also used as Academies and training areas.

are a series of tactical and operational and strategiclly designated zones in Daresia where in an event of a Invasion affected Defence Grids (labeled Alpha-Zeon) will form ad-hoc formations and attempt to thwart and stall the enemy's advance while the military forces reorganize and regroup for a counter attack.

The Defence Grid is comprised of Designated Military units(whom specialty are for defensive combat and guerrilla tactics) and various bases,strongholds and Citadels for which to conduct probes and to create hardpoints in the defense of Daresia

Furthermore, Cadet schools and Military academies are also incorporated into this system as most schools (mainly the academies) are partly fortified and operated by the military.

Defence Grids

Examples of various "Defence Grids" ; named from Charlie to Zeon"

Northern Citadels


Eastern Citadels

Citadel Vitale

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Citadel Vitale is at the center of Vitale, and is the primary base for the Royal Navy of Daresia.---

Southern Citadels


Western Citadels