The Daresian Royal Navy, abbreviated as DRN, and simply known as either the Royal Navy or Daresian Navy,The pride of the Empire is a military branch of the Empire of Daresia's military that is responsible for most naval operations in space and sea.



The Daresian Royal Navy or DRN for short at this time had succesfully underwent its modernasation program and was at this time the navy was stretched trying to patrol the vast coastline of daresia

In terms of composition of the Individual Fleets it goes as follows:

Home Fleet

  •  Carriers : 2
  • Escort Carriers :4
  • Battleships : 3
  • Battle Cruisers :3
  • Heavy Cruisers :8
  • Light Cruisers: 12
  • Destroyers : 34
  • Submarines:15

America's Expeditionary Fleet

  • Carriers:1
  • Escort Carriers:2
  • Battleships:0
  • Battle Crusiers :2
  • Heavy Cruisers:3
  • Light Cruisers: 12
  • Destroyers :28
  • Submarines:12

Pacific Expeditionary Fleet

  • Carriers :2
  • Escort Carriers :2
  • Battleships : 0
  • Battle Cruisers :3
  • Heavy Cruisers :7
  • Light Cruisers: 19
  • Destroyers : 34
  • Submarines :11

Total of : 219 ships

5 CV's

8 ACV's

3 BB's

6 CC's

18 CA's

43 CL's

96 DD's

38 SS's

The Daresian navy is one of the largest and powerful navies on Earth. With the utlization of the vast navy, the Empire controls vast majorities of Earth's seas. To be elaborated.

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Temporary Placeholder image from Muv Luv. Image is fanmade parody, behold Totomi-class fleet.

DRN 1st Grand Fleet

  • Fleet Admiral: TBA
  • Flagship: TBA

The Daresian Royal Navy's 1st Imperial Grand Fleet is one of the two grand fleets of the Daresian Navy. The 1st Grand Fleet's main objective revolving around defending the homeland.

DRN 2nd Grand Fleet

  • Fleet Admiral: TBA
  • Flagship: TBA

The Daresian Royal Navy's 2nd Imperial Grand Fleet is the second of the two grand fleets of the Daresian Navy. The 2nd Grand Fleet instead focuses on serving as the lead fleet in combat operations overseas.

Non-Canon (Elaboration required)

- Wings of Daresia, 37th Imperial Expeditionary Wing


The Daresian Royal Navy (Space)
Headquarters Daresia, Earth
Locations Earth
Historical Information
Formed from 2077
Empire of Daresia
Notable Members


also called the Overseas & Space Forces, is a naval combat force that mainly fights overseas or on space. The Navy is considered as the 2nd largest military branch. In the Navy, there are 2 different types of enlisted soldiers, the Sailors and the Marines. Sailors are soldiers who are trained to operate a ship, whether it be a Cargo Ship or a Battleship, the sailors will handle it. The Marines are the "Rangers" of the Navy. Marines take transport from not only land or air, but also overseas and through space. The Marines are more highly trained in the battlefield than the Army Rangers, but are almost the same as the Airborne. Although, instead of using chutes to move down from air to ground, they rope-down.


2nd Marine Corps

11th Marine Corps


5th Royal Space Fleet

Flagships (1 in service kek)
Class Type Ships Manufacturer
Jackson-class Flagship DNS Abernathy (MBS-12 "Jackson") ATSW Corporation

Carriers (2 in service kek)
Class Type Ships Manufacturer
Vidal-class Carrier DNS Lankford (MNC-3 "Vidal") ATSW Corporation
Vidal-class Carrier DNS Mackenzie (MNC-3 "Vidal") ATSW Corporation

Assault/Defence Ships (13 in service)
Class Type Ships Manufacturer
Jackson-class DNS Upton (MBS-12 "Jackson") ATSW Corporation
Jackson-class DNS Falcon (MBS-12 "Jackson") ATSW Corporation
Rasmussen-class DNS Irish (MDes-7 "Rasmussen") ATSW Corporation
Rasmussen-class DNS Hadley (MDes-7 "Rasmussen") ATSW Corporation
Rasmussen-class DNS Carlson (MDes-7 "Rasmussen") ATSW Corporation
Rasmussen-class DNS Olsen (MDes-7 "Rasmussen") ATSW Corporation
Rasmussen-class DNS Everett (MDes-7 "Rasmussen") ATSW Corporation
Paige-class DNS Elliot (MDes-8 "Paige") ATSW Corporation
Paige-class DNS Thomson (MDes-8 "Paige") ATSW Corporation
Paige-class DNS Irving (MDes-8 "Paige") ATSW Corporation
Paige-class DNS Nelson (MDes-8 "Paige") ATSW Corporation
Paige-class DNS Lockhart (MDes-8 "Paige") ATSW Corporation
Paige-class DNS Hawthorne (MDes-8 "Paige") ATSW Corporation

Medical Ships (3 in service kek)
Class Type Ships Manufacturer
Allegra-class Medical DNS Lankford (MHS-1 "Allegra") ATSW Corporation
Allegra-class Medical DNS Quinn (MHS-1 "Allegra") ATSW Corporation
Allegra-class Medical DNS Brandy (MHS-1 "Allegra") ATSW Corporation

Personnel Ships (4 in service kek)
Class Type Ships Manufacturer
Maclean-class Personnel DNS Zimmer (MPC-1 "Maclean") ATSW Corporation
Maclean-class Personnel DNS York (MPC-1 "Maclean") ATSW Corporation
Maclean-class Personnel DNS Sherman (MPC-1 "Maclean") ATSW Corporation
Maclean-class Personnel DNS Dewitt (MPC-1 "Maclean") ATSW Corporation


Naming convention for Navy ships will be made later. Would prefer to not have prefixes. Battleships named after states.

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