The Daresian Army, also known as the Ground Forces of Daresia is a combat force that mainly fights on land, and is considered the largest military branch. Each soldier in the Army is called a "Ranger". A Ranger can either be specified as a ground trooper, or an aerial trooper, known as the "Airborne". Unlike the Rangers who use land transportation to set foot on a destination, the Airborne Rangers drop from the sky in an air transport, and use chutes to land down safely.

They are trained to engage in all sorts of engagements varying from mountain warfare , urban combat to the good old fashioned blitzkrieg , in comparison to other nations who train there divisions to be specialised , Daresia however applies a more versatile doctrine training all divisions to be able handle any sort of combat on any sort of terrain form set piece battle's in a city to mobile warfare on the plains they are always ready to adapt to the situation at hand , don't take mistake that just because they aren't speicialzed it doesn't make them a match on the contrary they are equal if not better , however as per the constitution of Daresia , article 7 section 1 C. of the poor man's act : with the exception of the imperial royal guard no other daresia armed forces (with exception of reserves ) maybe be fully equipped with the means to make war during peace time (with the exception of drills). Army specialisation is limited to basic training , with more advanced training and equipment being given on a "as need" basis this is preserve versatility and too not waste precious resource ( this would be further explained later on)

The Main army takes priory tasking for supplies and upgrades , in terms of equipment they are given basic equipment at 1st( such as ,however as the unit gains experience (mainly though fighting in wars ) they are presented with more advanced equipment as they would have shown competency and effectiveness which high command would not waste such valuable resources on green trigger happy recruits



Tactical Combat Units

Basically there kind of formation

Armoured Vehicles

Air Vehicles


Concept, to act as Home-guard.

The Daresian Tactical Armoured Battalion

The 1st Daresian Tactical Armoured Battalion is the first military group to receive and operate the newly manufactured first generation of Tactical Combat Units .