Namuri clan
Founder(s) TBA
Leader(s) TBA
Locations TBA
Historical Information
Formed from TBA
Dissolution TBA, UNKNOWN.
Clan Kazusa

- Empire of Japan
- Empire of Daresia

Notable Members

The Namuri clan were one of the three samurai families that were chosen to dedicate their existence to the protection of the Kazusa clan between the 13th to the 19th century.


Sengoku period


Edo period/ Meiji Restoration


Notable Units and Members

Sengoku Period

  • TBA

Edo period/ Meiji Restoration

  • TBA

Modern Era

Concept Notes

- (Old overview) - The Namuri Family is an honoured Japanese family in Daresia, and are known to have numerous decorated military descendants. Although the family has descendants involved in other fields, many members have served in the Navy. The family manages to control parts of the Imperial Army and the Royal Navy, occupying several top positions in both departments. However, due to their admirable reputation, many other families compete to gain power and are often caught in family rivalry.

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