Kazusa Kek
Placeholder, credit to とろっち.
Kazusa clan
Founder(s) TBA
Leader(s) TBA
Locations X Province
Historical Information
Formed from 13th - 19th Century
Dissolution 1868
Successor House Kazusa
- Empire of Japan (Former)

- Empire of Daresia

Notable Members
Kazusa Yamashiro ???? - ????

Kazusa Takahiro ???? - ????

The Kazusa clan was a distinguished aristocratic family formed in the 13th century, till the 19th century. With the removal of the shogunate, most of the clan immigrated to Daresia. More info to be added, eventually.


Sengoku period

The Kazusa Clan were known for their speciality in the sword.

Edo period/ Meiji Restoration

Following the restoration of the Imperial rule, most, if not all of the family have left Japan and transferred to Daresia, which then created the Kazusa Company years later.

Notable Units and Members

Sengoku Period

Edo period/ Meiji Restoration

Concept Notes

  • Tozawa and Namuri families may be samurai families under Kazusa. Perhaps something equivalent to a Daimyo.
  • Eventually became outcasts? Exiled? Unknown reasons to why they departed for Daresia.