The Campaign of Fire, commonly known as Operation: Wildfires, is a series of short stories about military operations and other events that mostly depict global conflict between the Daresian Empire and the Wildfires Insurgency (later to be known as the United Confederation of Eurasia); consisting of stories dating back to the rise of the insurgency, to post-downfall events.

The series also contains multiple stories which are summarized from other campaigns such as the campaign of "Infinite Strife ", and the perspective of the insurgents.

Events within the Campaign of Fire

 ????. Siege of Vitale / Operation: Providence

Main Article: A Tyrant's Razing

Main story details to be added here.

- Routing of the shattered 10th

With the 10th Training Wing scrambled into numerous detachments, this short story depicts the final events of a scattered group, through the eyes of a soldier under the unofficial command of Elysse Sevaria.

 ????. Vitale's Standing Garrison / Operation: Resilience

Main Article: The Crimson Shield

The joint forces of the elite 13th Tactical Armoured Company and units Asessia and Aechcylous of the 1st Tactical Armoured Guard Company valiantly demonstrates what it truly means to defend and protect, through this battle of attrition.

????. Liberation of Vitale / Operation: ---

Main Article: ????


????.  ????

Main Article: Unwavering Tenacity


Candidates for possible deletion

????Battle of New Cassandra / Operation: Lynch

Main Article: ????

A military operation several hours after the city of New Cassandra was attacked and held by the Wildfires, where platoons Lyrehca and Maulrevier of the 13th Darrette Company, along with SAIGO, aid and assist the NCPS.

 ????. Battle of New Carolina / Operation: Sovereignty

Main Article: ????

In response to hostile action against the Evachi HQ, N.C.P.S.H.Q and Citadel Carolina in the city of New Carolina, conducted by multiple groups within Wildfires, the 13th Mordii PlatoonSAIGO and the NCPS retaliate in defence of the city.

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