Bernadette Chantal Lauder
VC2 Juliana Everhart
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Biographical Information
Also Known As  ???
Nationality Daresian
Relatives Fiennes Lauder


Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Features TBA

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Bernadette Chantal Lauder is a 2nd Lieutenant of the 10th Training Squadron, having German and French ancestry.


Bernadette Chantal Lauder is a 2nd Lieutenant of the 10th Training Squadron. She is a serious type of person when it comes to her role as a second-in-command. Although she is serious, she's kind and soft when not tasked to do anything or in the middle of a situation.


Bernadette wears a striped maroon short skirt, an officer's jacket, white-non transparent stockings and either a pair of brown leather shoes or black leather boots for her military attire. She usually wears jeans or cargo pants, long-sleeved and short-sleeved tees, and either flats or running shoes.

Early Life

At the age of 8, Bernadette was one of the victims of a war between the infamous insurgents known as "Skars" and the Daresian Military in the city she was living in. In the near end of the war, she and her family were rescued by the Daresian STG Operatives. Ever since, she has dreamed of becoming an officer of the Daresian Military.

At the age of 19, Bernadette decided to enter the Daresian Military Academy.

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