The Battleship Muteki was the second Tōtōmi-class battleship built and used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during the 2nd World War. It was one of the most powerful battleships constructed during World War II.

Unlike her sister ships, Muteki is the only Battleship not named after a Province; the reason for the naming is unknown.


Battleship Muteki and Tōtōmi were both constructed on the same year, a few days apart. However, there were issues during the construction for Muteki, delaying her launch to the early 1941s instead of the late 1940s like Battleship Tōtōmi.

Initial Operations


Damages on 1945

On 1945, Battleship Muteki suffered from serious damages to her stern, and was sent back for repairs. She was later converted into a Carrier-Battleship during repairs due to the need of carriers in the fleet.

Operation Paramount


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