This page is an article containing the short story which is related to the Strolton Bridge Incident.

The Hidden Purge is a short story about the evacuation of Struhl, and is recounted from numerous perspectives at different time periods - during the initial evacuation of civilians, attack on the civilians, and the aftermath of the assault.

Evacuation on the Bridge


Strolton Bridge Incident

Numerous groups of the Daresian Militia suddenly fire upon groups of civilians and other personnel, throwing the entire evacuation into unforgivable turmoil.

1225 Hours, March 24, 1940
Struhl, Empire of Daresia 
Strolton Bridge

Upon hearing screams and gunfire, Siela looked at the sudden stampede rushing towards her direction; and then she saw them - Daresian militia with all guns blazing, firing upon the evacuees.

Why is the Militia.. the Confederation are within the evacuees?!

Realizing that there were rats among their ranks, Siela signaled her subordinates to follow her, and ran against the stampede towards the sounds of gunfire, while announcing over radio that there were hostiles on the bridge.

Siela to 217, Confederation troops in militia uniform. I repeat, confederation troops in militia uniform. Estimated to be platoon size or larger. Requesting immediate support.

All of the soldiers behind Siela all crouched into cover behind an abandoned Daresian tank, and began opening fire upon the scrambled group of disguised confederation troops, only to be suppressed by a hail of bullets. Several other squads then reinforced Siela and her fellow comrades, which composed an imaginary defence line.


Through the deafening sounds of gunfire, came multiple sounds of explosions behind the defence line, sending shrapnel, bodies and limbs into the air, scattering the already distraught civilians.