This page is an article containing the audio log which is related to the Battle of Wellington City

The Shadows that Walk in the Rain is an audio log about a DSOT stealth assault operation that takes place in the worn streets of Wellington City. The audio log starts while the dispatched assault team is on their way to the city while embarked on a TVF "Owl" aerial transport.

Baseplate: This is Baseplate to lead, how copy?

Lt. Walker: This is lead, I hear you loud and clear.

Baseplate: Good to know. Alright, so I've briefed you on your mission, so you well know by now on what to do. I'll guide you from here. Your team's callsign is "Sierra".

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Roger, wilco.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Hang on boys, we'll be arriving at our destination in 5 minutes.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Gotcha'. So Davies, tell me, how'd the leader of Phantom Unit of SAIGO end up in a DSOT operation?

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: I signed me and my squad up for it. I heard the DSOT gets things done nice and smooth.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Well, I'll tell you this, it ain't always "nice and smooth".

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: Ah, I forgot, you were one of the first 30 members of the STG program, right?

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: That's right. No one died or got wounded, but I can assure you, our first operation seemed like hell.

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: I heard. Well, in war, anything can go from peace and quiet to the sound of artillery smashing onto the ground just a few meters away from you.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Well, that's what it is.

Sierra-5 / Cpl. Jake: Hey, might I ask why this lad's sleeping in the middle of an operation?

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: Don't underestimate him, he may seem like a slacker, but he's better than most of us here. Besides, the operation hasn't started just yet. We still got a minute or two.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Master Sergeant John "Frost" Whitaker. He's been with me since STG. Doesn't talk much, but he assures that he gets the job done.

Sierra-4 / Cpl. Lecker: Well he sure does seem to fit the description.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Alright boys, 30 seconds 'till drop off, do what you need to do.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Alright lads, check your gear, load your weapons and lock up one in the chamber. I want this done clean and as fast as possible, don't get shot, and we certainly do not need any casualties. We've got one main objective, so let's make sure we accomplish it. Hooah?

Sierra: Hooah!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Turning fuel rotors on hover mode, stabilizing flaps. Dropping ropes.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Alright, move down the ropes. Double-time! Let's move, let's move!

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: The drop zone seems clear, no sign of any unidentified heat signatures.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Copy that, fast roping down.

Sierra-7 / Pfc. Jess: Switching to night vision.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Speatip-1, the team's deployed. You're good to go from here.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Roger that Sierra-1, I'll be returning back to the hangar, another unit will guide you through.

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Copy that, thanks for the ride, over and out.

Sierra-2 / SSgt. Davies: So, what's next?

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: We move South of this street. We move silently. Go.

*Sounds of quiet footsteps*

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: Hold. I hear vehicles around the corner. Jess, switch to your thermals and confirm.

Sierra-7 / Pfc. Jess: Roger. Switching to thermal vision.

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: What do you see?

Sierra-7 / Pfc. Jess: 2 technicals mounted with miniguns and 1 grounded mechanized AA. A squad of six Wildfires. What are your orders?

Sierra-1 / Lt. Walker: We can't handle them silently, we better just move ahead. Move silently behind the rubble. The rain will cover our footsteps.

Sierra-3 / SSgt. Davies: Copy that. Let's move.

-To be continued.

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