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Battle of Wellington City
Part of Dev Stage 2
Date TBA
Location Wellington City, Daresia
Result Daresian Victory
Empire of Daresia Wildfires Insurgency
Notable Commanders
Lt. Stan Walker Cdr. Alexi Vandorvich
Onix Team

Speartip Squadron

Casualties and Losses

The Battle of Wellington City, officially named Operation: Silent Lambs, was an event of a large campaign that was developed for the military intervention against the Wildfires Insurgency, during the Campaign of Fire.


During the Campaign of Fire, and in response to the capture of the city of Wellington which was conducted by a rebellious coalition groups unified as Wildfires and led by Commander Alexi Vandorvich, Operation: Silent Lambs was a special joint operation developed in order to capture the Wildfire's most brilliant commander, Alexi Vandorvich. Consisting of Onix Team, SAIGO and Speartip Squadron from Operation: Arrowhead.

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