Battle of New Cassandra
Part of Campaign of Fire
Date TBA
Location New Cassandra, Daresia
Result Daresian Victory
Empire of Daresia Wildfires Insurgency
Notable Commanders
Lyrehca Van Klyrehc † TBA
13th Lyrehican Platoon

13th Maulreviern Platoon SAIGO Teams
"Wraiths" & "Revenants"
New Cassandra Public Security

Casualties and Losses
Lyrehca Van Klyrehc

Multiple NCPS officers

A † symbol denotes that an individual died during the conflict.
The Battle of New Cassandra, officially named Operation: Lynch, was an event of a large campaign that was developed for the military intervention against the Wildfires Insurgency, during the Campaign of Fire.


During the Campaign of Fire, and in response to the attacks on New Cassandra which was conducted by a rebellious coalition of groups unified as Wildfires, Operation: Lynch was a special joint operation developed in order to intervene, cease and capture hostiles within the city. Consisting of the 13th Lyrehican Platoon13th Maulreviern PlatoonSAIGO, and the cooperation of NCPS, all units operated in search for party members and combatants