Battle of New Carolina
Part of Campaign of Fire
Date TBA
Location New Carolina
Result Daresian Victory
Empire of Daresia Wildfires Insurgency
Notable Commanders
Sir Sayarii Vayariere


13th Mordii Platoon

SAIGO Wraith & Revenant NCPS

Casualties and Losses
A † symbol denotes that an individual died during the conflict.
"--In exchange that you cease hostility against the empire, you may return to your pathetic, desolate lives. A fair trade, is it not?"
― Sir Sayarii Vayariere

The Battle of New Carolina, otherwise known as the Operation: Sovereignty, was a skirmish between the Empire of Daresia and the Wildfires Insurgency.


In response to an attack conducted by Wildfires, the 13th Mordii PlatoonSAIGO teams Wraith and Revenant and the New Carolina Public Security clashed, thus starting the Battle of New Carolina.  The main objective for Wildfires was to collect data and destroy the Evachi headquarters within New Carolina. 

Targets: Evachi HQ, N.C.P.S.H.Q, Citadel Carolina

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