In the dawn of the 22nd century, new discoveries were brought to light, bringing us closer than ever to the stars. As space travel became more feasible by the year, we set our eyes on Mars - and we reached it; we built colonies in hopes of creating a new planet to call home. New companies emerged in the new market, and with them a new figure of power, an organization called the Extra-planetary Consortium of Humanity.

Amidst the 22nd century, a company called Radon Interstellar discovered an alien transceiver, communing with something in Alpha Centauri. Countless nations funded an expedition, the first to bring humans out of our solar system. -WIP-


  • Humans

After the discovery of numerous Forerunner ruins, humanity colonized dozens of other planets and established colonies throughout the galaxy. In a mere century, human civilization has more than tripled in size with technology that would've taken a millennia to develop on our own. As they explore the stars, they slowly collect the pieces that would unveil the truth about the Forerunner's disappearance. Humanity's two major powers in the 23rd and 25th centuries are the EPCON-H and Radon.

  • Forerunners

An advanced civilization that once ruled the galaxy. Only traces of their existence remain - some of their cities have laid in ruins for centuries while most are simply missing. They shared a common way of life and physiology to humans, until a point where they seem to have s sudden rapid expansion.

  • Scavengers

Very little is known about their identity - the Scavengers consists of only four immensely powerful and large ships. No one has ever witnessed the ships' interior or what controlled them. Numerous studies suggest that the Forerunner's destruction was performed by the Scavengers. They were named after their tendency to send drones to recover various parts and devices from their victims.

  • Architects

An ancient alien race known little about from a distant galaxy. Although no trace of their civilization remain today, it's theorized that the Forerunners derived some of their technology from the Architects. Some Forerunner records claim that they had the ability to create and destroy entire star systems.


  • The Harvest

A period of two years between 2348 and 2350 where the Scavengers destroy most of human civilization. To survive, the remaining population hid in underground bunkers, most cryogenically suspended. Those who remained outside constantly travelled from star to star to evade the Scavengers. The Harvest caused the establishment of the Solace project.

  • The Silence

A period of two centuries between 2350 and 2550 in which most of human civilization remained in ruins and the Scavengers have taken over Earth, New Eden, and Horizon. With no means of communication or retaliation, survivors of the Harvest stayed hidden during this period. The Solace project was the only organized human activity at the time.

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