Aurium E. Charlemagne
Lydia Agthe
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Biographical Information
Also Known As Lone 7th
Nationality Daresian
Relatives TBA
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5'10 ft
Features TBA

Aurium Eiselle Charlemagne is a Captain within the Daresian Foreign Legion, and is a commander within the 217th Valkyries.

Early Life

Military History

Aurium was formerly a 1st Lieutenant within Group 7, of the 26th Infantry Battalion, which had contributed in many successful operations of the Daresian Imperial Army. During the Strife for Struhl, her squad was tasked with evacuating civlians to the Struhl International Airport. However, by the time their group of civilians were taking off, their aircraft was hit, causing the plane to crash onto the runway into a ball of flames. Shortly after the events of the incident, the airport was assaulted by insurgents, pinning the now scattered Group 7. One by one, the soldiers of the 7th fell, fighting desperately to live. But, by the time reinforcements arrived to aid the scattered group, the group that was originally composed of 14 eager soldiers, was now only a traumatized duo, being 2nd Lieutenants Mitchell Strongley and Aurium E. Charlemagne. Mitchell later died in surgery.

By the time Aurium recovered from her mental and physical injuries, she was awarded with the Struhl Service Medal and was later requested to join the 217th Valkyries, due to her ambitious intentions against the insurgents and experience in leadership.