The Aircraft Carrier Yōtei was an Aircraft Carrier used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during the 2nd World War. It served in the IJN 10th Fleet.

Upon her construction in 1943, she was one of the aircraft carriers used by the 613th Naval Air Group and housed the notorious 275th Fighter Squadron.


The Yōtei-class Aircraft Carriers were designed during Program K, which led to the creations of numerous ships used by the 10th Fleet launched by the Empire of Japan after the end of the Washington Naval Treaty.

Her design was built from scratch in 1941, although she resembled the Carrier Taihō in numerous ways.

Yōtei was one of the Imperial Japanese Navy carriers to feature an armoured flight deck, made to withstand multiple 250 KG and 500 KG bombs.

She had a displacement of 37,0000 long tons and had a top speed of 34 knots, and could carry around 72 Aircraft.

She was equiped with Four 12.7cm twin turret guns used by the Kitakaze Destroyers of the same program, around 40 20mm Anti Aircraft guns and twelve twin 25mm Anti Aircraft guns.

Her flight deck was oddly shaped during the war, as part of the deck was protruding out into the side. This was likely made for storing more planes on the deck.


Initial Operations

Yōtei was laid down on the late 1941s, and launched on the late 1943s. She was commissioned along with her sister ship, Tokachi on November 21, 1943 and was quickly put into the 6th Carrier Division and the 10th Fleet.

She was commanded by Captain Maeda Katsurou at the time of her commission.

Operation Paramount




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