SPM-79 Hailstorm
Role Support Unit

Tactical Combat Unit


Manufacturer AUH Corporation
Introduction 2079
Retired TBA
Primary Users Empire of Daresia

Black Fox Securities

Variants TBA
Vehicle Specifications
Model SPM-79 Hailstorm
Engine TBA
Armour 80mm
Armaments 1x 15cm K/42

2x 20mm Gatling guns

1x 40mm Autocannon

270x LRAT-S Missiles


30x LRAT-L Missiles

Crew Capacity 1
Max Speed 48 km/h
Features Chicken walker type
Developed in 2079 due to the lack of long range TCUs , the AUH Corp. successfully developed the SPM-79 "Hailstorm". Used as fire support, the SPM-79 "Hailstorm" is armed with a 150mm Cannon (15cm K/42), two 20mm Gatling guns, one 40mm Autocannon, and a customizable loadout of either 270 LRAT-S Missiles or 30 LRAT-L Missiles. Known as the "Hailstorm" for shelling its targets, it is 10.5 meters tall, and weighs 70 tons. Its seating capacity can only fit a pilot, and has the capability of reaching 48km/h.

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