Role Assault Unit


Tactical Combat Unit

Manufacturer AUH Corporation
Introduction 2078
Retired TBA
Primary Users Empire of Daresia

Black Fox Securities

Variants EX-VE-W 2076 (Prototype version)
Vehicle Specifications
Model MAW-78 HAVOC
Engine TBA
Armour 90mm
Armaments 2x 21cm K/79 Cannons

2x 17 cm K/78 Cannons

2x 20mm gatling guns

1x 40mm Autocannon

1x E-65 explosives

Crew Capacity 1
Max Speed 57 km/h
Features Chicken walker type
The AUH Medium Assault Walker-78 Havoc is a single seater, tactical combat unit developed by the Alexis, Ulrich and Hans Corporation


From it's creation in 2075 and its complete development in 2078, the MAW-78 is a commonly used Tactical Combat Unit within Daresia. The prototype MAW-78, named the EX-VE-W 2076 was armed with two 150mm Cannons (15cm K/63), two 75mm Cannons (7.5cm StK .E), two 12.7 Machineguns and E-65 Explosives. The production model MAW-78 was armed with two 21cm cannons, two 17cm cannons, two 20mm gatling guns , one 40mm Autocannon, and E-65 Explosives. Nicknamed "Havoc" by pilots after its mass production during the early months of 2078, it is 10 meters tall, and weighs 65 tons. It only has the capacity to seat a pilot, and has the capability to reach 57km/h.

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